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Full time freelancer | Remote QA tester

Freelancer with over 5 years’ of remote work experience. ISTQB certified software tester having more than 10 years of experience in software testing in different domains.Self motivated QA tester/ freelancer with a strong technical background who possesses the ability to work with the minimum of supervision.Having a proven ability to carry out the creation of test cases,appropriate execution of individual tests,log outcomes and communicate the results to work colleagues, clients and other stakeholders. Possessing excellent documentation ,communication skills alongside an ability to formulate and implement testing strategy.Experience of working in agile environment.

34 years old single

Love tea over coffee , Love natural places more like beaches,rivers,mountains over cafe,clubs

Email vinodtestingservices@gmail.com
Website www.vinodqa.com

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JIRA/ALM/Testrail/Asana/Trello/Azure Devops

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Manual Testing

Testing of your desktop software, website or mobile app with the intent of breaking the application.

Regression Testing

To verify that a latest code change does not impact the existing functionality of your website or mobile app or desktop software.

API Testing

Testing of your application API’s to ensure that API is interacting properly with the application.

Cross-Browser/device Testing

Testing of your website on different platforms and on latest versions of all the recommended browsers to make sure that it looks pixel perfect and works properly.

Responsive Testing

To ensure that your website looks good on different mobile devices, tablets and on different mobile browsers too.

Exploratory testing

Random testing of the websites/ apps using my experience and the knowledge of the application in order to find more bugs.


User acceptance testing to make sure that the application meets all the business and other requirements.

Basic SEO Checks

Basic SEO checks of site like linking structure,Meta title/Description,broken links,duplicate content issues etc.

General speed optimisation checks

Feedback related to site speed and suggestions on how to improve site speed.


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Mar 2012 - May 2017
IT Analyst

Worked as IT anaylyst with different clients in Tata Consultancy Services. Worked with Clients like Avis-Budget group,TRDDC(Tata Research and Design development centre.

Sep 2017 - Oct 2018
Manual Remote Tester

Worked as a QA Manual tester in Crossover(Remotely).Worked for the Client(Jive) which was later acquired by Aurea51.

Jan 2019 - Present
Full time freelancer/Remote QA Tester

Working as a full time freelancer / remote qa tester now.

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