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Freelancer | Software tester

ISTQB Certified software tester
Full time freelancer
Remote working experience
(3 years)

Professional Summary

Freelancer with a 3 years’ of remote work experience. 

ISTQB certified software tester having more than 7 years of experience in software testing in different domains.

Self motivated QA tester/ freelancer with a strong technical background who possesses the ability to work with the minimum of supervision.Having a proven ability to carry out the creation of test cases,appropriate execution of individual tests,log outcomes and communicate the results to work colleagues, clients and other stakeholders. Possessing excellent documentation ,communication skills alongside an ability to formulate and implement testing strategy.

Experience of working in agile environment.

My Services

Manual testing

Testing of  your desktop software, website or mobile app with the intent of breaking the application.

Regression testing

To verify that a latest code change does not impact the existing functionality of your website or mobile app or desktop software.

Cross-Browser testing

Testing of your website on different platforms and on latest versions of all the recommended browsers to make sure that it looks pixel perfect and works properly.

API testing

Testing of your application API’s  to ensure that API is interacting properly with the application.

Responsive testing

To ensure that your website looks good on different mobile devices, tablets and on different mobile browsers too. 

Functional testing

Testing of your desktop software, website or mobile app in accordance with the functional requirements/specifications specified by you.

Exploratory testing

Random testing of application using my experience with the intent of breaking the application.

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Client Testimonials

Client ratings and what say about me

Vinod is a perfect tester, being thorough and fast. I highly recommend him!

Heidi Mulla

HH Nordics Ltd.


Pieter Boshoff

Remy infosource

Great to work with. Would hire again. Understood the project and handled it professionally

Josh Gould



Danny Jroitoro


Availability and locations to which I provide freelancing services




I work only with companies/ clients that work remotely.

I am currently providing services to companies/clients outside India only.


Ready to overlap some of my hours with any time zone so that we can discuss things which will help in smooth running of the project.