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Freelancer | Software tester

ISTQB Certified software tester
Full time freelancer
Remote working experience
(over 4 years)

Professional Summary

Freelancer with a over 4 years’ of remote work experience. 

ISTQB certified software tester having more than 9 years of experience in software testing in different domains.

Self motivated QA tester/ freelancer with a strong technical background who possesses the ability to work with the minimum of supervision.Having a proven ability to carry out the creation of test cases,appropriate execution of individual tests,log outcomes and communicate the results to work colleagues, clients and other stakeholders. Possessing excellent documentation ,communication skills alongside an ability to formulate and implement testing strategy.

Experience of working in agile environment.

My Services

Manual testing

Testing of  your desktop software, website or mobile app with the intent of breaking the application.

Regression testing

To verify that a latest code change does not impact the existing functionality of your website or mobile app or desktop software.

Cross-Browser testing

Testing of your website on different platforms and on latest versions of all the recommended browsers to make sure that it looks pixel perfect and works properly.

API testing

Testing of your application API’s  to ensure that API is interacting properly with the application.

Responsive testing

To ensure that your website looks good on different mobile devices, tablets and on different mobile browsers too. 

Functional testing

Testing of your desktop software, website or mobile app in accordance with the functional requirements/specifications specified by you.

Exploratory testing

Random testing of application using my experience with the intent of breaking the application.

Latest freelancing projects

Rutland Cycling


Donald Russell

Client Testimonials

Client ratings and what say about me

Vinod is a perfect tester, being thorough and fast. I highly recommend him!

Heidi Mulla

HH Nordics Ltd.


Pieter Boshoff

Remy infosource

Great to work with. Would hire again. Understood the project and handled it professionally

Josh Gould



Danny Jroitoro


Very pleased with the work, which was undertaken promptly and in great detail.

Vinod had his own in depth testing plan, which he integrated with the specifics of our testing plan and reporting methods.”

Stuart Cruickshank

Donald Russell

“Vinod is very competent! Highly efficient and quick to respond! Would hire him again for sure.”

Claudia Figueiredo

Real  Estate 

Prompt and detailed work. Good communication.

Stuart Cruickshank

Donald Russell

Great to work with you Vinod, I am looking forward to working with you on my future projects.


Rutland Cycling

Outstanding freelancer. Will hire again.

Brett Reynolds


“I highly recommend Vinod. He readily understood what the software was supposed to do and thoroughly tested it. He understood the ramifications of making changes. He was quick, communicated well, and completed his assignments in a timely manner.”

Joe Walling

Walling info systems

Vinod is one of the best Quality engineers I have ever worked with.
I just don’t know how well I can describe my experience with him. I never had a single moment he was late on delivery. He has a good nose to detecting bugs.. even in areas of the system not remotely related to anything. He found issues based on certain sequences/workflow I never imagined how he came up with. What I would say is that if you decide to hire Vinod to test for you, that would be one of the smartest thing you ever did to your project.

Whether mobile, web, or desktop, the experience is the same. He will even pick on the way you worded your messages to the enduser, and this shows that he looks deep into the overall user experience, not only just the functionality of the system.
Being a North American, I found it amusing (and annoying) initially when he was always correcting the grammar used in end user messages in the system, but he was always correct and I am really thankful for that.

For this project, he told me from the get go that he was going to work only on weekends, but I can tell you that what he did during the weekend was more that I could have handled during the week. He was very very efficient and the hours he logged was really too reasonable for his output.

I am ending this contract now because Vinod is moving on to greater things in his career, and he has set such a high standard for the next Quality Engineer I would be contracting.

Ayo Dahunsi


Availability and locations to which I provide freelancing services




I work only with companies/ clients that work remotely.

I am currently providing services to companies/clients outside India only.


Ready to overlap some of my hours with any time zone so that we can discuss things which will help in  running the project smoothly.