My Professional Journey

professional Journey

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I have tested E-commerce websites, travel websites, dispatching application for trucking industry, Office Collaboration website, Tender management website.

Apart from websites, I have tested some Mobile Apps and Desktop Applications too.

Some of the projects were done during my tenure at TCS and some were done when I started working as a freelancer.

E-commerce websites

Main Objective was to identify the bugs on different platforms , browsers and also on mobile devices(both android and IOS devices) using exploratory testing/cross-browser testing.

Travel/Transport Websites

This project involved the testing of budget/Avis website on multiple domains (France ,Germany,Spain,Italy,UK etc). These websites are used for making car bookings across different countries. Lot of validations were involved before and after the bookings were made which involved the use of services and database as well. The application was integrated with one of the mainframe application (developed for avis-budget) as well, so validations were also done to check the data integrity across these 2 applications.

Office Collaboration

Major activities were:

  • Interaction with developers,testers,Architects,managers working remotely from different countries.

  • Test case writing/defect reporting.

  • Review of test cases written by others.

  • Attending daily stand up call to provide updates.

  • Finding out the cases for automation team that should be automated.

  • Testing of  application,integrations (jive office, box,google drive etc).

  • Testing of Jive daily app.

  • Defect reporting and retesting.

Tender/Contracts management

It was a small project where I tested the new document editor functionality of iSpec.

Major activities were:

  • Functional testing based on specification.

  • Cross-browser testing

  • Exploratory testing

  • Defect reporting 

Dispatch application (for trucking industry)

Dump truck dispatcher is a cloud based application that is developed for the trucking industry. It helps in improving the fleet management and managing the orders.

Major activities were:

  • Functional testing based on specification.

  • Cross-browser testing

  • Responsive testing

  • Exploratory testing

  • Defect reporting and retesting

Desktop Applications

It is an IDE that allows the user to create stencils/templates using existing code. These stencils can be later used for generating the code.

Major activities were:

  • Functional testing

  • Defect reporting

  • Retesting of defects

FMS Testing

It is an application used by Avis group to streamline the management of Avis fleet. It covers the entire life cycle of the vehicles, right from their purchase to their sale.

Major activities were:

  • Functional testing

  • Regression testing

  • Defect reporting

  • Test case writing

  • Defect retesting

Mobile Apps

Main Objective while testing mobile apps( Audi UK, FreshMenu, SBS Radio, MXlocker(ios)) was to identify the bugs on different mobile devices(android/IOS) through exploratory testing.

Jive Daily app had lot of features that were present on the Jive web application.Testing involved:

  • 1) Functional testing on both android and IOS.

  • 2) Exploratory testing.

  • 3) Testing on different devices.

Roles and Responsibilities that I can handle

  • Analysis of Requirements

  • Preparation of test plans

  • Creation of Test scenarios, Test cases

  • Execution of test cases(Manually)

  • Defect reporting and Helping the developers in reproducing the issues if they face any issues

  • Sharing of test reports with all stakeholders like clients and different teams.

  • Creation of tasks